Audax Editress realizes books through completely handicraft methods, using old binding techinques from the past. The books are completely attended and binded manually by the editor without any typography, mechanical process or large scale production. The choice of this publishing line is due to the consciousness of the growing abandonment of our world of the unicity of the book in itself, as an artistic product. On and on nowadays the goods are massified and the editorial side,for years is in a crisis because the book is no more considered as a source of knowledge like before...so are internet and other sources now. Consequently the publishing has increased the serial production of books, to avoid this crises.
In complete opposition to this trend, Audax Editress wants to give the right value back to the book and to donate it its intrinsic potencial artistic power. Because of this reason AE edits every single copy by hand. Each of our books will present shades, foldings and signs like no other book, and this makes it special and unique.
This entails that the production of a book by Audax doesn't reach the millions of copies typical of a mass production edition, which afterwards are sent to maceration after months in a store stock.
It is a convinction for Audax Editress that quality must win over quantity and a book is first of all quality.
If you recognise yorself in this finalities and want to have some copies of your book entirely binded by hand, contact Audax Editress.
Even if you are not an author and you just want to bind brochures, thesis, photocopies or home made booklets, contact Audax Editress.
Quality starts with you!